Strange, Paul Principal
Andrews, Lindsey Assistant Principal
Stewart, Darren Assistant Principal

Adams, Chelsea Kindergarten
Anderson, Tim World History/Civics/Geography/P.E.
Andrews, Lindsey Assistant Principal
Barnes, Clay Physical Education/Health/JV Boys Basketball
Baxley, Debra English/Dual Enrollment History
Brannon, Ashlan English
Brown, Nancy Special Education
Butler, Nathan Agriculture
Byrd, Amanda Algebra/Algebraic Connections/Algebra with Finance
Carter, Art U.S. History 1 & 2
Carter, Kelly 2nd Grade
Chitty, BJ Law
Coachman, Danny Elementary PE - Coach
Cobb, Allison Math 7
Collins, Kevin Algebra/Pre Algebra
Cook, Lea-Ann 3rd Grade
Delvecchio, Kara 4th Grade
Fairris, Vicky Reading Coach
Franz, Cynthia Gifted Education
Gilmore, Alison 4th Grade
Gilmore, John Drivers Ed/PE/Athletic Director
Glover, Miranda Biology/ Anatomy and Phisiology
Handley, Walter Physical Science/Physics/Chemistry
Harper, Cyndi Second Grade
Ingram, Dawn 5th Grade
Jordan, Kayla First Grade
Lee, Kristy Kindergarten
Mann, Karen Gifted Education
Mathis, Leslie Speech Therapy
McNeill, Amy 10th and 12th English/Speech
Medford, Sydney Special Education
Mitchell, Lisa 6th Grade
Morris, Taylor High School Special Education
Mullins, Kristi Geometry/Precalculus
Myers, Kristin Kindergarten
Parker, Scott Government and Economics/World History/Civics
Perry, Whitney 1st Grade
Ponce, Gilbert Spanish
Reeves, Whitney 2nd Grade
Reinelt, Ashton Business Education/Accounting/Multimedia Publications
Sellers, Denise 6th Grade
Smith, Christopher Band/Art Survey/Music Appreciation
Smith, Jennifer Guidance Counselor
Stewart, Brandy 5th Grade
Stewart, Darren Assistant Principal
Strange, Paul Principal
Taylor, Jessica 3rd Grade
Watts, Jan 7th English
Whitaker, Christe 5th Grade
White, Kristina Special Education
Woodall, Reygan 1st Grade
Wozow, Carolyn Media Specialist

Adams, Nancy P.E. Aide
Conrad, Kathryn Elementary Computer Lab
Danford, Rosemary Office Aide
Deal, Barbara Title I Aide
Dyck, Pam School Nurse
Gross, Betsy Title I Aide
Love, Debra Lunchroom Manager
Macon, Theresa Custodian
Mercer, Lisa Library Aide / Attendance
Robertson, Heather Bookkeeper